Quick news


  • 2016-08-21

Progressing well with everything.

UI already has alot of additions

Ranking system doesnt create a new entry when just mixed upper/lowercase or recolored your name.

First attempt of a ingame callvote menu.

Lots of new sound and Texture replacements.

Callvote for killing Overbounces

Fully Compatible to existing maps from worldspawn

Own Masterserver running, serverbrowser works.

cvar for missing images, even using shader. Missing textures won't be a too big deal anymore then.


We are probably able to release a first beta this year :)


  • 2016-07-28

things will take a bit more time as I've decided to do much more on the project. The whole UI is rewritten and more up to nowadays standards and the game will make more use of the openGL2 renderer. I Also want to welcome breadsticks into the project :)













Iif you have any questions just send a mail or contact me via IRC on quakenet #defrag




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